Outfit Details:

Blue & White Kimono, White Skinny Jeans, White Tank Top (Similar), Wedges (Similar), Kendra Scott Necklace, Tiffany Gold Studs, Marc Jacobs Watch (Similar)

Labor Day is coming up in less than a week! Do you know what that means? Put all the white things on your body and wear wear wear them! No white after labor day remember? I mean I personally don't give a hoot, but your grandma and/or mother might. I will be wearing my white skinny jeans into Fall and Winter, with darker colors of course, but still, someone try and stop me! So in an ode to the end of Summer, here lies my last bright white outfit. It has some blue in it too, but of course!

This here kimono came from a boutique in Mississippi called Material Girls. These boutiques are quickly spreading all over the state, and for good reason! They have a great, nicely edited selection. I usually stop in to the one nearest me for my Kendra Scott fix...I know, I know...I'm seeking help soon you guys. They don't sell plus sized clothes (womp womp), so I usually just browse the clothes quickly, then move on to the jewelry. All of my best friends happen to be size zeros, or very close to that. So I live vicariously through them, simply because I freaking love fashion, and always imagine specific friends wearing certain things. So I regularly text pics of stuff I find to them, like YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS!!! Also, as you might have read here, sometimes a unicorn pops up! This particular day, I found another unicorn! By now, I am a pro at zeroing in on stuff that might work for me, in regular sized stores. Typically things like kimonos will work for bigger girls! This one is a size large. I don't wear a large, ever. Soooo ladies...try stuff on! Just do it!

I paired the kimono with a white tank top. Any tank top will do, mine is a super soft Ralph Lauren tank, but it's sold out now. The jeans are by Michael Kors, and I have worn them all summer long. I love them. They are super comfortable. They drag on the ground if I don't wear heels or wedges, so keep that in mind shorties (I'm 5'10ish and they are a size 20). They are on sale right now for 40% off, so hop on it! The wedges are the same ones seen here. I have looked all over the place, but they don't seem to be for sale anymore. I found a very similar pair though, and linked that above. I could have sworn I saw them in Belk last week though. So give it a shot! I imagine they are pretty cheap right now if you can find them!

My necklace is the "Rayne" necklace by Kendra Scott, in "Mother of Pearl." I wear it a lot because it just goes with everything...are you guys noticing a theme to my blog yet? Ha! Go read my FAQ here, under "Fashion Rules." If something is on the expensive side, I tend to buy it in a neutral color, unless I just absolutely fall in love with a random color and HAVE TO HAVE IT NOW. I get more wears out of stuff that way. You see my gold & white Marc Jacobs watch? That sucker has seen it all, I also have it in silver & white. Because they are neutrals, I've worn them like WHOA for years. My gold ball studs are from Tiffany, my mama got them for me years ago for Christmas. She loves me. She also knows that they are a classic that will never go out of style, and will last forever. These are keepers. If you don't have silver ball studs, gold ball studs, and diamond studs (classy ones, not giant ones like you're in a rap video) then that should be a goal. They will last more than a lifetime and be worth every penny! I pretty much never have naked ear lobes. I swear, if your face is bare, your hair is a hot mess, and you are in yoga pants at the grocery store...popping in some studs makes a world of difference. They brighten up your face or something. I don't know what it is, but they can make you look semi put together, even on your worst day.

*Lipstick: my old faithful "Syrup" by MAC, with "Hip n' Happy" MAC lip liner below it, and MAC Plushglass gloss in "Ample Pink" on top of it.

Photography by The Husband