Ah, the age old question that plus size bloggers always get asked. For this, read my "about me" here.


Yikes, the big one. I get lotsa questions about this. I switch it up with professional products. Currently I use Redkin All Soft shampoo & conditioner. I like Pureology Hydrate as well. As for leave in conditioners and all that jazz, I try new things all the time. If I come across something AHmazing, I will be sure to let you guys know! I style my hair a few different ways.

First, I should explain my hair; it is THICK and VERY curly. Yes, I promise. If I wash my hair, let it dry naturally, then brush it out, my husband lovingly calls it my "Hagrid" hair. As in...Hagrid from Harry Potter. Thanks husband! So any picture you see of me, my hair is styled somehow, or was styled days before. I also don't wash my hair for a REALLY long time sometimes, call me gross, whatever. But my hair is dry, frizzy, generally a hot mess. I can go an entire week and it still won't be greasy, even more than an entire week. I can wake up for 3-5 days and it still looks just styled and not greasy at all. So along with the curse of the Hagrid hair, I do have the blessing of it holding a curl for a while. I use dry shampoos and restylers. 

So what do I do to it? I either curl it or I straighten it. I straighten it with a Paul Mitchell flat iron. I have been using flat irons since the 90's, this is the best one I have ever used. Chi's don't even come close, I've owned multiple. The Paul Mitchell ones last a really long time if you DON'T WRAP THE CORD, smooth better, straighten faster, and have a super long cord. Just awesome. I also tried a few other flat irons, I won't name any names, but all garbage. To get my curly look I use a curling wand. No I don't burn my fingers, no I don't use a glove, it's kind of like second nature now. I use different sizes based on what look I want, beachy curls, big waves, tight curls, etc. I've used all kinds, they all do the same thing. No winners in this crowd. 

I also get my hair trimmed regularly, and if you've seen it in my recent pictures it looks a tad ombré. That is not intentional, ha! I bleached my hair pretty close to platinum blonde last year. It was awesome and fun, but super expensive to keep up. So my stylist regularly dyes it back to dark brown, but the brown eventually washes out of the bleached part of my hair, and I get the snazzy ombré look! It is just going to have to grow out! My stylist is Christina Nievas at Trim Salon in Jackson, MS. She occasionally does my hair and makeup for the blog, and is just all around awesome. 

Also...Macadamia Nut Oil...yeah, that stuff. I put it in my hair pretty regularly. 


I experiment a lot, as most girls do. The foundation I always go back to though is MAC Studio Fix in the palest shade they offer, then I buff it in with a beauty blender. May favorite concealers are Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer and MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. My ALL TIME FAVORITE mascara is Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara in Very Black. I alternate between waterproof and regular, depending on the day. I've tried fancier kinds and I always go back to this. My all time favorite lip liner is MAC Lip Pencil in Hip N' Happy, it matches my lips almost perfectly, it's my lip color pumped up a bit. My favorite lipstick is MAC in Syrup. My favorite blushes are by MAC or Tarte. 


One of my good friends, who just so happens to be THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER IN THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, takes some of my blog pictures...when she's not gallivanting about the globe being fabulous. I book her whenever I can catch her, and can't imagine anyone else doing a better job or making me feel more comfortable in front of a camera. Her name is Sharon Coker, and you can see her work here. I don't work with any other photographers, she's it, she's the one. My husband takes the rest of the pictures and does a decent job, it might have something to do with the fact that my day job involves cinematography, and he is my second shooter. He kinda knows his way around a camera. For family pictures we use Kaela Rodehorst Williams, she's been a friend since high school, and also takes AMAZING pictures. If we were based in Louisiana, I would have her do my blog pics. I have some talented friends for sure!


My day job is this! I am a cinematographer by day. I mostly do weddings and fashion/brand films. I love it. You may occasionally see one I have done here, thanks to the husband who is an exceptional second shooter. I design the website, graphics, write scripts, scout locations, light, audio, film, then edit & produce the final product. I also keep up with the business side and social media. Personal, business, and blog social media WHAT?!?! Yes, it's a lot, but I love it. I also do the occasional copywriting for websites. So yes, I can dress however I want and wear whatever kind of makeup I want for the day, I work from home. It's kind of fantastic. 


What?! I thought there were no rules in fashion! Generally speaking sure! I have just a few rules I live by though.

Shoes: Each season (there are only 2 seasons where I'm from, Summer and Sorta Winter) I get flats or sandals in the following colors: white, nude, black, dark brown, light brown, gold, and silver. Those are my mainstays. The more expensive they are, up to a point, the longer they last. I can use some for a few years until they bite the dust, then I just replace that specific color. However, I always have those color combos in my closet at all times. Obviously I buy other types and colors, but that's my general rotation. 

Purses: Ugh, me and purses have a tumultuous relationship. Same goes for these though, I generally don't buy colors other than neutrals. Why spend a huge amount on a purse I can only wear occasionally? I also invest in my purses, the more expensive ones just last longer. So while I'm over here with my $$$$ purse for years, you may be purchasing purse after purse...and in the end you spent just as much as I did...on multiple purses...that fell apart. So think about that next time you go to buy a purse!

Jewelry: Guess what? Same goes for jewelry. I tend to buy real gold, real silver, and real gemstones. Investment pieces that I will have forever and be able to pass down through my family. I do get hooked on fashion jewelry though, but surprise surprise, the more expensive stuff doesn't turn your neck or finger green and lasts longer. My mainstays are the following: Gold ball studs, silver ball studs, diamond studs, a two tone watch (so it matches everything), Gold hoops, Silver Hoops. You get the picture. Whatever I buy, I buy it in silver and real gold. So I can wear it with whatever. In most of my pictures you will see me with just a thin gold band on my finger. Yes, I have a diamond engagement ring, I just never wear it. I'm just not a flashy ring girl, never have been. I bet the husband would have appreciated knowing that ahead of time, ha! My rings are two tone as well though. I have two thin gold bands, and a platinum engagement ring to go in the middle of those. So it will all match whatever I want it to. 

Nails: I have a lot of favorite nail polishes and such. If you have known me for a long time though, you should know my nail routine. For over a decade I have done pretty much the same thing. In summer my toes and fingers are pink, and when it gets colder I change my toes and fingers to red. I change up my finger nails occasionally, but my toes will always be red in winter and pink in summer.