I didn't post an outfit this week, so I figured I'd give y'all something to make up for it! I was sick for about a week, then the husband caught it, so my photographer was bed ridden. I popped into the bedroom one day and meekly asked if he was up to taking pictures of me, my eyes were met with a look of deep disdain and anger. Like woman please, I'm all about this chick-fil-a chicken noodle soup and these mounds of used kleenex right now. Get out of here before I snot on you. 

He is always telling me how easy it must be to put on makeup, and how he doesn't have a clue what takes me so long. (To be fair, yes, I wear lotsa different makeup things, BUT BUT BUT, I have mastered the full face in 15-30 minutes, no lie. So Husband...HUSH. It's the hair that takes a miracle worker to fix.) Sooooo this is how we came to this video. He was finally up to go back to work on Friday, so I capitalized on that momentum. Here is my dear husband, trying his hand at makeup application. Oh, and me without makeup on...good stuff. Enjoy.