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Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm

So I affectionately call this lip "balm" The Gateway Drug to Lipstick. I never wore lipstick before I used this, unless forced to. I hated stuff on my lips, unless it was chapstick type stuff. This balm opened up the lipstick floodgates for me. I can't get enough of the stuff now. Reds, bright pinks, whatever, all thanks to these little guys. 

I got this simply because it was supposed to give you a light sheer color, but feel really good on your lips, like chapstick or lip butter. I was hesitant, but I thought, whatever, it's worth a shot. It's about time to grow up and wear color on your lips, like a real woman, Morgan!

So I got the pink shade. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. I got the coral shade shortly thereafter. It feels awesome, and it gives you a pretty wash of color. Perfect for people who are scared of lipstick, or who don't like the way it feels. It supposedly reacts with your skin's ph within 3-5 minutes. At first it's pretty sheer, but wait! It's supposed to end up customized to everyone's lips, based on your ph. I'm not sure I believe all that hooey, frankly I'm too lazy to search for proof, and I really don't care because I love it. However, I did put it on my lips and take some pics, so you can see for yourself what it looks like on me! 

* I'm wearing one of The Husband's shirts. It's a blue & white striped, men's Ralph Lauren button down. He wears them to fancy things, I steal them to wear while I put my makeup on, and occasionally get hollered at for being a thief. Can't stop, won't stop.* 




Product Photography Me, My Face Courtesy of The Husband