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I AM - Fragrance Wardrobe

I am a firm believer in having a "signature" scent. My mom has had one since I was a little girl. It's this really fancy french perfume, and when I smell it I think of her immediately. She gets it every year for Christmas from my dad. She has tried to change it up over the years, but she always goes back to old faithful. 

I am the exact same way (I'm becoming my mother HELLLP!). I moved to New York City to go to fashion school in 2006. I didn't know a soul other than my new roommate (whom I wish I had never met, but that's a whole other story). I would either go to The Met by myself every day, stroll up and down the walls of art, or hang out in Central Park. Later on I found my people, and we explored the crap out of that city. For a little while though, I was stuck with a crazy person, which led me to sniff some perfume just to waste time and get away.

Up until that point I had worn all kinds of perfumes. Expensive, cheap, whatever. I was always on the lookout for "My Signature Scent" though, one that I would fall in love with and think, "THATS IT! THATS ME!" One magical afternoon I found it! But wait! I didn't just find one, I found two! So for nearly a decade I wore the same two scents like clock work.

In the spring & summer I wore Pure Grace by Philosophy, and in the fall and winter I wore Baby Grace by Philosophy. It was a match made in heaven. True love. Pure Grace was light and airy and had a unique "soap and water" scent. Baby Grace had a little stronger scent that I can't even describe, I won't even say how the company describes it, because that doesn't cut it either.

So why don't I have a picture of those magical potions, and why am I on a search for a new scent? Philosophy has broken my heart. I'm not even exaggerating. I may have shed a tear when I noticed I couldn't get Baby Grace this fall. Dramatic, I know. If you know me though, you for sure know what I smell like, those scents are a part of me just as much as that french scent is a part of my mom. I went to order Baby Grace the other day, because fall is right around the corner, and it's gone. Nowhere to be found, except for an old bottle on Amazon for $270. WHAT?!?! These perfumes are usually around $50! Then, they stopped making Pure Grace in the Eau de Parfume, it just comes in a "spray fragrance" now. What the heck is that??? It's like they took some alcohol and put a teeny tiny splash of the old fragrance in it. It's terrible. It was a very light fragrance to start with, and now it's almost as if you can't smell it at all. So I am on a search. 

I own a lifestyle cinematography business for my day job. I film weddings, special events, corporate web videos, product videos, etc. So one weekend, not too long ago, one of my brides was spraying on her perfume before her wedding. I LOVED IT. I asked her what it was called, and she giggled and said, "I am Naked". I was like huh? Do what? Then she explained that all the scents are called "I Am" something or other. That stuck in my mind. When I came across my debacle a couple weeks ago, I decided to try and order some. Then I realized you could order a whole tester kit! Come on, that's exciting. So I did.

I've spent the past week sniffing them and sniffing coffee grounds (no I don't have coffee beans, do I look like a hipster coffee snob people?!). I took the ones I liked for a test drive each day, and I still can't decide. I am stuck on the "I Am Naked" and "I Am Good" scents. I will probably get both, because the Naked one is a little stronger, perfect for fall and winter. If you are in search of your signature scent try out this company, they have super fast shipping, and a smell for everyone! If you aren't in search of your signature scent, what is wrong with you?! Every lady needs one! Get on it!

And if you are the new owner of Philosopy...get your crap together!!! You are ruining what so many people loved. When you do get said crap together, please let me know...I will be happy to try them again...they are after all, my old faithfuls! 

Photography by Me