Hi Y'all!

I'm a southern belle born & raised in Louisiana. I followed my sweet husband to his home state of Mississippi, and now I'm stuck here (hellpp meee)! Kidding, sort of. I'm a fashion school drop out (holla holla NYC, it was real), AND a law school drop out. I've done it all. By day I make wedding videos and web videos for brands. By night I watch Netflix in my jammies, with my dog Finn curled up on my lap as my own personal crotch heater, and my patient husband Brett. 

I'm a reluctant skinny jean wearer, I swore them off and fought the good fight for years until I caved. So comfy y'all. I'm a sandal hoarder. Cake lover, particularly the cup variety. Junior Leaguer. Occasional living room yoga practitioner. Candle freak. Monogram sucker. Fresh flower lover. Beauty & Fashion junkie. Gas station nacho lover. Shichon mother. Hip hop extraordinaire...wannabe. In short, the most basic chick you'll ever meet. No shame. 

I'm not here to argue about the "fat acceptance" movement. I could care less if you accept my fat ass or not. And while we're at it, I'm not afraid of the "F" word either. I'm Fat, deal with it.

For those inquiring minds:
I'm in my late twenties. My doctor says I'm 5'9, but I'm CONVINCED I'm 5'10 and my butt is just so big it pushes me away from the wall too much to get an accurate measurement #buttscience. My size fluctuates A LOT. My closet is full of sizes 8-22. Sometimes I feel like being a runner for a year or two. Sometimes I get lazy and eat too much bad food. Yep, I'm a yoyoer, yes I know that's bad, yes I know how to lose weight the healthy way, yes I'm very good at it. And yes, I have kept it off for years. So no, I don't want to try your magic shake/pill/cleanse. And no, I don't make excuses for my big ole booty. It's not rocket science. I eat crap and get fat. Boom. French Fries are delicious. I just have to work harder than some to get fit, and sometimes I don't like to work that hard. Sometimes the entire series of Gilmore Girls comes out on Netflix and you have to pause life for a bit. Priorities. You worry about yours, I'll worry about mine.

Basically, I love fashion, always have. Fashion for big girls is tough though. We can't just walk into a store and pick stuff out like regular folk, it's mostly all online. So to find age appropriate/trendy, modern, non-frumpy clothes is pretty rough. I'm here to say, "Hey fashion industry! Look over here! We have money to spend too! Take my money!" I'm also here because I know there are so many girls like me out there, and having someone who looks kinda like you on the Internet is pretty neat. Getting ideas, maybe being encouraged to take some risks, finding out about clothes you never knew about, whatever. 

However, I hope your biggest take away is this: perhaps I'm unhealthy at times, but that's an issue for another blog. I'm all about being confident with who you are RIGHT NOW. Maybe next year you'll be smaller, but why should you be all depressed and hide in your house waiting for "tomorrow". Get out there, be confident in your current skin, screw what the world thinks. The only thing that matters is what you think, and for the record, I think I'm fabulous. Confidence, #igetitfrommymama. 

For more fat girl fashion fixes, ffffollow me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, tumblr, Snapchat (@TheCurvyCurator), Facebook and Vine.  *Be on the look out for my hip hop album to drop. A poignant record touching on my struggles as a fat girl shopping at the local mall, and that one boyfriend I had before I met my husband junior year of high school. Featuring tracks such as: "Hey Get That Skinny Chick a Frappucino" and "Grab the Crisco This Might Be a Tight Fit" and perhaps most touching of all, "Just Because He Has Pink Hair Doesn't Mean He's a Loser Mom!" Price: $Free.99, dropping on MySpace later this year.
Photo by Kaela Rodehorst Williams.